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Data Analytics

It all started with Customer Experience!
We used to service our customers with what we have understood that it’s delighting them. After a while, we found that it really needs to be measured. So came the NPS, which is still very important to measure.
With our real-time analytics, you will be able to proactively deal with the customers’ expectations, predict their needs, be prepared and deliver what they would real be interested in, thus gain the highest level of satisfaction and loyalty
DALEEL-Egypt possesses the best-in-class Data Scientists who dive into your data, and ensure that each and every piece is monitored, recorder, correlated, verified, and utilized.
1. Business Intelligence Software Development Services
As Business Intelligence (BI) software developers continue to advance the technology's ability to automate mission-critical decisions, enterprises that fail to invest will find themselves unable to catch up to their more modern competitors. We expertly program and implement BI solutions for market forecasting, trend analysis and operations optimization.
End-2-End BI
Our developers provide comprehensive BI software development services. We use Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology to facilitate multi-dimensional analyses of big data from multiple sources. To further aid in consolidating your organization's data and processes, we leverage vendor-neutral Service-Oriented Architectures. We also provide integration and customization services for BI software from Tableau, PowerBI, and others.
BI Platform & Architecture
We build custom BI solutions for desktops, mobile devices and browser apps, complete with personalized and customizable business intelligence dashboards that offer real-time visibility on KPIs. We develop Analytics Solutions with relational database configuration such as MySQL and Oracle. Our work on big data processing, predictive analytics, decision support, Consumer Behavior, forecasting, and Polling Solutions


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